Ovarian Cyst Pain: Why Using Birth Control Pills Is Not The Answer To Eliminating Ovarian Cyst Pain.

By Lisa Page

Do you find yourself bending over in unbearable ovarian cyst pain just when your menstrual period is about to start or just before it ends? Or even though you are on birth control pills you still get ovarian cyst pain on a regular basis and your doctor does not really know what to do?

The truth is that the conventional method of treating ovarian cyst using birth control pills to shrink ovarian cyst is not as effective as we have been made to believe.

If they are as effective as we have been told, many woman would not end up on those theatre beds having a surgery to remove their ovarian cyst after using birth control pills for many years.

The reason your doctor prescribes contraceptive pills to get rid of ovarian cyst pain is so that you don't ovulate.

But you see if you already had a cyst before you start using the pills, the pills will not do anything to shrink that cyst. True, new cysts may not develop but what about the old ones that are already there?

Any already existing cyst may continue to cause you pain, discomfort and not to mention the potential for it to rupture or twist on itself.

Aside from that, birth control pills have a long list of negative side effects such as unexplained weight gain, high blood pressure, blood clots, gallbladder disease just to mention a few.

What about when you are ready to have children? It is impossible to keep using contraceptive pills and expect to conceive. So what do you do?

You need to get to the root cause of your ovarian cyst pain and get rid of it from there and not just treat the symptoms like birth control pills do.

How do you get rid of Ovarian Cyst Pain? One simple step is to stop or at least reduce the oestrogen pills (birth control pills) as prescribed by your doctor and start applying natural progesterone cream.

But doing this alone will not eliminate your ovarian cyst completely, but is it virtually impossible to talk about all you need to know in a single article. - 29860

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Ovarian Cyst Removal - What You Need To Know Before You Let Your Doctor Cut You Open.

By Lisa Page

Are you considering surgery as the only ovarian cyst removal option available to you? If so there is one question you have to be able to answer without a shadow of doubt and that question is - Have you exhausted all other available options of treatment?

If for whatever reason you haven't considered all options of treatment then you need to continue reading.

There are two main surgical ways of removing ovarian cysts - laparoscopy and laparotomy.

Laparoscopy is used if the cyst is small and benign and is performed under general anaesthesia. It involves an incision into the abdomen and a small surgical instrument used to remove the cyst.

The other ovarian cyst removal method - laparotomy is a more complex form of surgery and is usually used where the surgeon suspects the cyst to be cancerous or at the risk of being cancerous.

Again this surgery is done under general anaesthesia but involves making a bigger incision in the abdomen.

This is so that if need be the doctor will be able to remove surrounding tissues such as the lymph nodes if there is a chance that it can become cancerous as well.

The important thing to note is that ovarian cancer is very rare and that the vast majority of surgeries are unnecessary.

The biggest decision you have to make is just before you go under that surgical knife when you fill out the form giving the surgeon consent to not only remove cyst but also your ovary or potentially uterus if they think it may cause you problems.

After the surgery you may wake you to discover you are now unable to have children for the rest of your life because your ovaries have been removed or that you will need to be on hormone replacement therapy forever.

The question is have you exhausted all other options of removing ovarian cyst and is surgery your last resort? If your answer is yes, then by means go ahead with the surgery.

But if you have not considered and tried other forms of treatment such as natural and holistic healing combining a mixture of diet, exercise, stress management, reducing toxin overload, and using natural hormones then you are leaving out a form of ovarian cyst removal treatment that has helped thousands of women. - 29860

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Ever Thought About Becoming A Surrogate Mom?

By Calli Kuzon

Many people are unable to conceive children through natural methods. If you have rejected adoption there is another route open to you, surrogate parenting. This is an legal agreement between the retrospective parties. One of the parties, a woman, goes through in vitro fertilization and becomes pregnant with another woman's baby. After the birth she will not have any legal rights to the child. Depending on what was signed in the legal contract, the surrogate may not be allowed to get involved in the child's life.

If you have thought about becoming a surrogate or even want to hire a surrogate, it's a decision that demands some serious attention. As well as getting paid for this the surrogate mom's expenses relating to the pregnancy and birth of the child will also be paid for.

So after the pregnancy and birth is finished the baby is transferred to woman who could not conceive herself. You can find that sometimes the surrogate will know the couple, they could be a friend or even a family member. They could also be unknown, or doing it for the money, or they just want to help others who cannot conceive.

In short if you are considering being a surrogate, it is vitally important that you understand the legalities and specifics of what you are agreeing to. It is agreed that the ideal circumstances a woman should become a surrogate in, is if she already has children, and does not want any more of her own. This is why the complex legal document has to be set up in the first place.

If you cannot have children and are interested in surrogacy you can gain further information from these resources. Have a look at surrogate parenting sites on the web. As the law differs in various counties try and find out the regulations for your state. Sign up to surrogacy forums as you will meet people who have been through it before. Check out some books on the subject to extensively research the subject before you agree on anything. - 29860

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Baby Gender Prediction Using The Shettles Method

By Jerri Herose

The late Dr. Landrum Shettles developed a baby gender selection method that he felt was "best supported by scientific evidence".

Dr Shettles wrote a best selling book called How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby, you'll find a link at my site. He claimed a 75%-90% success rate using his techniques. There have been a few ebooks authored (also at my site) that claim an even higher success rate of up to 98%. These ebooks utilize Dr Shettles methods as well as other baby gender prediction methods to achieve this amazing success rate!

Dr Shettles method is takes advantage of the fact that it's the man's sperm that ultimately determines the sex of your baby. Why? Because the womans egg only carries one set of chromosomes (xx) or all girl! While the man's sperm comes in either the (xy) configuration which results in a girl baby, or the (yy) which results in a boy baby. Also Dr Shettles realized that the girl sperm was physically larger, slower, and much stronger (or longer lived) than the boy sperm which conversely is the smaller, faster, and more fragile (dies off quicker) of the two.

The doctor also realized that timing of intercourse, and the depth of penetration during conceptual intercourse could help to determine if the resulting baby was a boy or girl. The mother-to-be will have to track her day of ovulation precisely in order to time conceptual intercourse precisely as well.

If wanting a baby boy abstain from sex until 24 hrs before you ovulate, than have sex as much as you want (more is better here!) until about 48 hrs after ovulation. Also using positions that allow deep penetration (doggie style) will deposit the sperm as close as possible to the fresh waiting egg, and allow the fast swimming boy sperm their best chance to win the race and give you that special little baby boy you want.

Want a baby girl? Well, to give yourself the best chance of success abstain from sex for two days before ovulation until two days after ovulation. Also when having sex to try and conceive practice only shallow (especially during ejaculation) penetration. Why is this? Because, by using only shallow penetration you will (hopefully) be giving the girl sperm a time and distance advantage over the boy sperm, resulting in the baby girl you desire.

Shettles also realized that the mother-to-be's bodily ph also plays a role in baby gender prediction. A lower ph (higher acidity) favors the girl sperm, while a higher ph (more on the alkaline side) favors the boy sperm.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well if you are serious about this gender prediction stuff, you will benefit from a good guide to take you through the entire process step by step. I mean, you only have one chance (per child ;o) to get this right! So visit my site and raise you chance of success from only 50/50 to well over 90%! - 29860

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Complications And Pregnancy, Sometimes You Just Don't Know.

By Anna Snyder

My story of my pregnancy with my eldest one is complicated. Literally. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was so excited. Little did I know that it might cost me my life and his.

My entire pregnancy seemed normal to me, but then again, I had nothing to compare it to. Although I was practically sick all day (nauseous during the day and puking at night) this too seemed normal and it was, to an extent. All day sickness I called it. I learned to cope with it and things were going fine. My blood pressure stayed normal and I was gaining weight sufficiently, the baby was growing fine and there were no concerns. I was even exercising regularly.

Then one evening, I felt this pain under my ribs, right in the liver area. I was also throwing up, but this was nothing unusual. It was a dense pain and I thought that maybe it was just another episode of heartburn. My husband said that I should go and get it checked out. I had gone to the hospital a couple of months before because I was being paranoid and I thought that I was leaking amnionic fluid. But I was wrong. So, off to the hospital I went. the first older nurse that had seen to me, said that I should just go home and rest and that I just had the flu. How wrong she was, and if we had listened to her, I would have seizured at home.

The other nurse that was also on duty told the first nurse that they should check my blood pressure first. They did, and I am sure that they were glad that they did that or it would have a serious mistake on their part. My blood pressure was 200 and something over 100 and something. (regular blood pressure is 120/60.) They then took blood and urine samples, and every other test on the face of the planet, so it seemed. I had toxemia, preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. No one even knew, I had no tell tale signs of any of the diagnosis'.

Then the craziness started. I was constantly under nurse supervision, constantly being attended to. Injections of gravol and steroids (for the baby's lungs), blood pressure check constantly and I was also put on the highest dose of blood pressure medication possible for an expecting woman. I was not quite with it, and dosing constantly only to be wakened by the blood pressure cuff.

Since the hospital that I had been admitted to could not deliver me (I was only 32 weeks) I was transferred by ambulance to another hospital, where I waited for them to poke and prod me some more and then take an ultra sound and then decide that they also could not deliver me. I needed a hospital with NICU. So, I was once again put into an ambulance and off to another hospital I went.

It was like an up and down roller coaster for us as new to become parents. I was swelling up like a balloon from all of the fluid backing up into my interstitial spaces and pretty soon there was no where for it to go, except my lungs. I was starting to drown in my own fluid. I was no longer urinating and my kidneys stopped working. In a 24 hour period, I only urinated maybe an ounce. The nurses put a catheter in me to regulate it better, and I begged them to take it out until it was truly needed. I said that I would pee in the "hat" (a plastic thing that catches the pee in the toilet so they can regulate how much my kidneys were actually working.) This was all in a span of a few days.

Because of my condition, I was always in the room nearest to the nurse's station. I went from being able to exercise to becoming breathless just to sit up in bed.

When it came for them to deliver me (because the only way that I would get better is for my baby to come out) they weighed me and then I even got to have a bath. I was so full of fluid that I could barely bend my legs to get into the tub. I was practically drowning in my own fluid and I never really new how sick I was.

They had to poke my spine nine times before they got it partly right. But when the freezing of the spinal still did not work, they decided to tilt the operating table so the freezing moved to the right area for them to operate. They could not put me under because of how critical my condition was.

Jakob was born 3:04 a.m. weighing a measly 3 pounds 6 ounces, and after he peed and pooed on the nurse, he was whisked away to NICU and then things just happened in a flurry. I suddenly could not breath, my lungs started to freeze. My husband was sent out of the operating room as they prepared to intubate me. When they finally got the situation under control, I was sent to the recovery room with extra watch from the nurses. Towels wrapped around my head, because I had instant headaches from the doctors puncturing my spine (every time the needle went in my spine, a bubble of air comes out and causes spinal headaches).

I suffered with spinal headaches for months after that, and I eventually lost all the excess fluid and became skin and bones, very sickly looking. I was given from a friend a product called Relive, and this helped me on the road to recovery. I was pumping my breast milk for Jakob, and every day whenever I went to visit him in the hospital (even though it was over 1 hour away from our house) I would bring them the breast milk.

Jakob stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks, and then he was transferred to a hospital closer to our house with a Level 2 nursery, where he stayed there for 3 1/2 weeks. He has had many ups and downs, a couple of minor surgeries, and he is a healthy happy 5 1/2 year old now. - 29860

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How To Conceive A Baby Girl

By Jerry Lee

Would you like to add a baby girl to your family? Want a baby girl to go with your boys? Need a "daddy's little girl"?

By implementing three simple, all natural steps you can effectively raise you odds of conceiving a baby girl from 50/50 to well over 94%!

The late Dr. Landrum Shettles developed these three simple steps to help you conceive a child of the gender of your choosing, many years ago. Many thousands of couples have used these steps to conceive the baby girl they have always dreamed of. Let's take a lokk at these steps in a little more detail shall we?

1. You'll need to track your ovulation cycle precisely. This is a very important piece of the gender selection process, and you'll need to get this right!

2. If wanting to conceive a baby girl, you should practice sex only using shallow penetration as this will require the boy sperm a long and difficult journey (and one they are unlikely to survive) to the egg, leaving only the girl sperm left to fertilize the egg.

3. You'll need to control your body's ph. There are test strips available at my site to help you keep track of you ph and help you know when the time is right! You can control your ph with your diet and taking a few supplements (over time) or much quicker by douching with the right solution, (although because of the risk of infections I would recommend using douching only under your doctors supervision.)

These techniques while being low-tech and easy to implement will still need to be implemented with precision and diligents if you are to be successful in conceiving that baby girl you desire.

Visit my site for more information as well as links to the best guides online to walk you through the process step by step. I would look at it this way: if your serious about adding a baby girl to your family seek all the help you can get, but if you fail in your efforts, well you'll still have a beautiful little baby boy to love and cherish! - 29860

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Want To Conceive A Baby Boy?

By Jerry Lee

Want a baby boy to carry on your family's name? Got girls, but now you want a baby boy instead? Does your husband need a boy to play ball with?

No matter what your reasons there are simple, natural, at home steps you can take that can raise your chance conceiving a baby boy from the normal 50/50 to well over 94%!

Dr. Landrum Shettles developed a simple three step system that can help you find success on your baby gender selection journey. Let's take a quick look at these three steps shall we?

1. You will need to become an "expert" at tracking your day of ovulation, as this will become a very important piece in the gender prediction puzzle.

2. When having sex to try to conceive a baby boy you need to practice deep penetration in order to give the boy sperm a short race to the waiting egg, that they should win!

3. You'll need to control your body's ph. There are test strips available at my site to help you keep track of you ph and help you know when the time is right! You can control your ph with your diet and taking a few supplements (over time) or much quicker by douching with the right solution, (although because of the risk of infections I would recommend using douching only under your doctors supervision.)

To successfully conceive a baby boy you will have to be diligent implimenting these low-tech techniques.

Baby gender prediction is not an exact science, so stop by my site to pick up one of the ebooks available to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the process step by step. Remember though, even if you fail to conceive a baby boy, you will still have a little baby girl to love. - 29860

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